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EQ Life Skills

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Utvecklare: EPage, Inc.

In todays fast pace, multitasking society with social media based relationships as the norm parents and children are stretched to the max. Parents are working long hours and children are often involved in school activities as well as multiple extra curricular activities. Families may only get one to two hours together (while awake) primarily as ships passing in the dark. This fast pace life-style has been sited for a variety of recent medical, social and psychological challenges. We have seen an increase in Obesity, Diabetes, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety, and Eating Disorders. With this in mind parents are scrambling trying to find effective life skills to teach their children so that they don’t become the next victims.

Parents can teach their children life skills that increase their emotional intelligence and potentially increase their child’s chances of making healthy choices. Healthy choices dramatically increase the likelihood of living a healthy life. In this app, parents are given specific topics, exercises, and or activities to engage in with their children on a daily bases to reinforce emotionally intelligent life skills.